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i’ve found paradise in Samui…


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We are flying off today!! to Sunny Samui…

Last vacation for the year 🙂

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21 Days till yet another Wanderlust..

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4 days till vacation..

96 hours till wanderlust..

5760 mins till I get lost

Let’s get packing!

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Go Spain!

ok so we procrastinated a little… but we finally got a rough itenerary going.

Day1-2 Madrid

Day 3 Day trip to Toledo

Day 4 travel to Seville

Day 5 Seville

Day 6 travel to Granada

Day 7 Granada

Day 8 travel to Barcelona

Day 9-10 Barcelona =)


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Spent Saturday journeying to Pengerang, Johor, Malaysia for Lobster seafood with Hubs, Des, Flo & Jan. Stopped by to be amused by ostriches in an ostrich farm. Was thoroughly in awe of the large flightless bird.

Traffic Jam at the Causeway

Out of Stock@!

Big Bird

A gang of Osterich

An Ostrich’s idea of Snooping around

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… like pink fluffy dresses, girly heels, diamonds and Paris, oh fly me to Paris

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