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Yes, the most wonderful time of the year is here again. And I mean Christmas =). Stepped into Starbucks Tampines today and had a pleasant surprise greeted me. Starbucks is all geared up for Christmas, with all the christmas decorations, christmas edition barrista bears, christmas brew… sigh… it’s really the most wonderful time of the year


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what the heck!?

why in hell is Twitter always over capacity?

Haven’t it occured to them to solve the problem already? They are so incompetent and it’s probably the reason why they are not and will not beat Facebook!

I don’t care if the whale looks harmless and cute. I feel like strangling and beating it up every time he appears on my screen. Btw it looks like it has a cheeky smirk… arghhh!

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Missing you already

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As many of you may already know, I went Penang with mommy and hubby dearest. The 2 person that I love most in this world. I splurged on the hotel, so we stayed at Hard Rock Hotel. A first time for all 3 of us. We had great fun lazing around. YF and I even managed to do some sightseeing around the UNESCO heritage area in Penang. It was nostalgic going back to Penang, a place that I visit a couple of times a year when I was younger with my grandparents.

Needless to say, the food was awesome. The company was great. And the hotel ambience was fantastic.

hubby & mommy

Sand bank pool@Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Penang Heritage Trail on Trishaw

The Peranankan Mansion

Snake Temple

Our Ride

The Beatles was mom’s favourite

food, glorious food!

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11 Oct 2010

ahhhhh, Bliss…

holidays are the best

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Char Kuey Teow…?

We are going on a short trip!.. this time to Penang


we got the SUN, SEA, BIKINIS and GOOD FOOD…

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Here’s my two cents….I really don’t know what’s with some people lately. Lately I have been meeting many (major) bitches, they talk as if the whole world owes them money. Some talk as if they have a durian shoved up their smelly arses… Seriously girl (or dude), you need to chill. No one likes ugly bitches. Here’s a piece of advice. Seriously, if you are already ugly, try not to be a bitch. It really doesn’t go really well. You can be one or the other, never both. That is just not cool (or likeable).

So try to be nice, ye?

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