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… like pink fluffy dresses, girly heels, diamonds and Paris, oh fly me to Paris

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New iPhone cover and matching nails! OPI nail polish: What’s with the Catitude?

Hubsters back to reservist. I dug out my old Nokia and found some memories

At The Cathay Platinum Suites for the last installment of Harry Potter

In Mitchell Dress (Grey) from Smooch

Breakfast of choice at 3am, Thursday Morning

Thursday’s a  charm: Smooch Ruched Knot skirt in Rose; H-Top and Brown Weaved Leather Belt

Bubbles are good for Fridays – with Kar Wye & Lae Hing

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This past week had been very eventful. Last friday was spent in Hatched for dinner with 10 of my friends and colleagues. Couldn’t ask everyone to be there, otherwise I would have to book the whole restaurant. Hatched, as usual was great fun, food is good, price is reasonable.

After dinner we went for wine in The Wine Company. Shevonne insists that we should get Moscato which we did but it was sold out. haha. Yes she insisted. =P So we ended up ordering an alternative. Which none of us remembered the name…lol. Yep we still don’t remember the name. We had 2 bottles of those.

Then, out of places to go, someone (Freddie) suggested Thai Disco. We were game, and so to the Thai Disco, Club Ratchada we went… boy, it was an experience of epic proportions.

* the queer looking singer was doing that queer looking dance move all night. We were thoroughly entertained.


Saturday morning started well, I spent the day in Aramsa Spa doing a superb treatment called Rain Dance. Yea I know, I think Yongfeng got me that package thinking that it was funny. It was great though. The Vichy shower was a bit weird. At times I was actually having difficulty breathing because the water was in my nose. However, being always a water baby, I was not worried. Maybe just a bit.

Dinner that night was in Capricci. Italian fine dining in Tanjong Pagar. It was fantastic, need I say more?

Then Yongfeng organized a surprise party for me in The Dessert Bowl in Serangoon Gardens. One which I kinda guessed the whole plan. It was still nice anyway to think that they went through all the trouble. Love you guys!

My sis came to Singapore on Sunday. It was very fun to meet up and just go shopping

And finally on Wednesday, I met up with Ian and he got me the BOBBLE HEAD CARTMAN TOY!!!!!!

Really FANTASTIC birthday week this year!


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… Can be found in Papa Palheta

This quaint little coffee joint, tucked away in a small back alley off Hooper Road in Newton Circus is a haven for coffee lovers. I stumbled upon this curious place a few months back because it was owned by a friend from university. I must admit (not because the place is owned by my friend) I am smitten ever since my first visit. Stepping into the courtyard of Papa Palheta, you will be hit with the heavenly aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the midst of the busy barristas whipping up your favourite cup of java and the busy chatter of the patrons. Just the perfect place for a lazy Sunday afternoon…

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Lomography was introduced to me by my friend Desmond. He shared with me a link to the lomography website showing a Diana F+.  Then I really was not very amused by the plasticky look of the camera and the oversized flash. Except the fact that it looked cute and vintage (I most things vintage!).

I must admit, it really did not catch much of my attention then. Then one day my husband (then bf) borrowed Desmond’s Diana F+ to play. We went to Sentosa for YF’s birthday and we took the camera out to play. The results were quite disappointing. Since it was a medium format camera, the processing of the film is also very costly.


Nonetheless, I was not satisfied at all. Hence I started reading photography blogs and forums regarding lomography. That was the start of my love affair with the plastic, analogue camera. I bought my first lomography toy camera in Taipei in a toy shop. I had only shot it once with regular film. The results are again very average. It didn’t look like those beautiful pictures I see in Lomotion. Convinced that I need to get a proper lomography camera, I bought my first (and only) lomography camera online. It was a Holga 135BC. I fell in love with the tunnel effect on the BC version of Holga. And I got the 35mm version because I just know if the post processing of the film is too costly, I might just give up.

I started using my Holga with a roll of Kodak 400 negatives. And then tried a roll of red-scale film from lomography website.  I made the mistake of taking most of the pictures indoors with a flash. Lomo cameras should really be for the great outdoors if you are a noob!

Then I discovered slides. Slides, to those who don’t know, are positives. The regular films analogue cameras use are negatives. Slides are not. With the holga, you can cross-process your slides taken with the holga and the results is astonishing. What you will get is a picture with the color so vivid, it will make you tear. The tunnel effect is amplified making the picture mysterious and interesting.

Since then, I have never looked back. My favorite to work with is slides, x-processed, for now. There are so many things that I want to do with my camera, night shots for one. Pretty soon I will take shots of a garden wedding with my Holga… I am looking forward to that.

Hope it turns out well

Lomography: Don’t think, just shoot!

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I my new Marc by Marc Jacobs lipstick pen!

I’m totally rocking it! ♥♥

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