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Go Spain!

ok so we procrastinated a little… but we finally got a rough itenerary going.

Day1-2 Madrid

Day 3 Day trip to Toledo

Day 4 travel to Seville

Day 5 Seville

Day 6 travel to Granada

Day 7 Granada

Day 8 travel to Barcelona

Day 9-10 Barcelona =)



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Hungryyy in the morning and I am craving for a glass of Milo Peng!

Milo Peng FTW!

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11 June 2012

Unable to breath through the nose. Dizzy. Head throbbing. Coughing. Throat feels like it’s swelling too much that it is constricting my oesophagus. Watery eyes.

Looks like it’s the onset of a flu.


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New Stuffs


Pleated skirt from Smooch20120603-084447.jpg

Cheshire Cat iPhone clip on case with matching pink top from Smooch20120603-084501.jpg

Andy tapestry necklace from Storets20120603-084517.jpg

new purchase from Billabong20120603-084532.jpg

mesh dress from Smooch20120603-084544.jpgnew iPhone cover

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the inked and beautiful

*photo credits Pintrest

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