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I wish I am in Venice

I wish I am back in Venice,

the reflections of the sun in glistening water,

the quiet flow of gondolas in the canal,

the narrow streets and the kooky house numbers that makes little sense

Tonight, I’ll dream of Venice


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WIWT, 27Apr2011

Another fantabulous dress from the girls at Smooch.sg. Although this is not a Smoochie, the design is still great and comfortable to wear. Posted this on instagr.m and instantly garnered many likes. I am a happy camper =)

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It is not recently that I have been annoyed at people that doesn’t treasure friendship. Ever since I  could remember, probably even more when I left home and came to live by myself in Singapore that I value friendship very much. And because of this, it irks me when I see others treat friendship like it’s nothing.  It’s makes me even more annoyed to see people whom had an experience and learnt that friendship is above all but forgets it and went back to their old ways.  Friends, are like partners, they help you through your darkest times and they are there to laugh with you through your happy times. They are your support through a difficult break-up. They became my family when my family is not around. In a way, they are like a stronger, more sensible extension of yourself and they should be valued, treasured not treated like a dirt. Friendships, like relationships lasts only if you put an effort to it.

Recently I have been pretty annoyed with some friends that only puts the priority on their partners. True partners are like best friends and there is a high affinity for us to choose our partners over friends but I think that there should be times for partners and times for friends. And if the time is agreed to be spent with a friend, the time should be dedicated solely to the friend. It is the respect that we owe it  to that friend. If respect is what you can’t give, then I think you do not deserve the friendship at all.

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Don’t you just love the color in this season’s Zara?

Green shift dress from Zara

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Went out shopping with Yujing tonight. She was back in Singapore for a week. Like old times, we went dinner and window shopping. I really missed those times when we do this every other week. Those days when we used to stay in SengKang, we would go on spontaneous shopping trips after work and then home together seemed like years ago but in actual fact, it was only a little over a year ago. I guess when you missed something, it will always seem longer because time passes slowly. I really wished she would move back to Singapore.

On a lighter note, we went to hunt for nail polish today. I bought the new silver shatter and Mermaid’s tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Here is the outcome of the silver shatter. I kinda like it actually.

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Started off Good Friday with a visit to the botanic gardens with the tiny terror Bryan (Smellie too). Met with the Hos, Paul, Meiru and awesome Ryan for a morning stroll in the park before heading to breakfast at Jalan Kayu.

Like owner, like mutt


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is a powerful thing…

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