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i’ve found paradise in Samui…


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We are flying off today!! to Sunny Samui…

Last vacation for the year 🙂

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21 Days till yet another Wanderlust..

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i think i might like cooking after all.

i was back home early on Friday because Desmond was not feeling well so i just came back and work. Since i didn’t know what to eat hence i decided to cook =). I made stir fried garlic dou miao withf fried garoupa and bean curd skin soup. i think it was not to shabby for a first attempt ;). Then on Saturday, I made curry chicken, which tasted better Sunday than it did on Saturday..ha!

So i may give cooking a try since it was really quite fun =)

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We (me and chubby hubby) is heading to Exotic Bali next week!… and the best part is we are not travelling budget, we got a nice villa with private pool…ahhhhhh…bliss =)

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Baby got me an early christmas present from Tiffany & Co. ! This has got to be the best christmas present I’ve gotten so far… but  then again he always out do himself every year.. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

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We went to the museum!! Just me and kingkong.. Don’t you just love the museum? All that art, the exhibits, the architecture and all that jazz… I just looooooovvvveeee it there. Okok enough about the museum, here are the pixx =).

kingkong aka chubby hubby

Kingkong with his usual expression..yawn


I am carnivore


cool belgian beer =))

eeekk..dead horsies

eeekkk…dead horsies!


cam whoring while waiting to cross the street =P

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