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Lazy Days

Just love lazy weekends at home like today 🙂


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it’s winter!

It’s winter! the only way Singapore knows how… Non-stop rain


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21 Days till yet another Wanderlust..

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Wear your berets and twist your moustaches!

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Technicolor Girl

1. Technicolor Girl   /ˈtɛk.nɪˌkʌl.ə(ɹ)/

Girls who consider their cell phone an extension of their body and are annoyingly disagreeable when deprived of said phone.

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Hungryyy in the morning and I am craving for a glass of Milo Peng!

Milo Peng FTW!

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11 June 2012

Unable to breath through the nose. Dizzy. Head throbbing. Coughing. Throat feels like it’s swelling too much that it is constricting my oesophagus. Watery eyes.

Looks like it’s the onset of a flu.


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