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He asked about you and it made me froze.



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OTD: 28 dec 2011


*Bubble sleeve top from The Woodwood shop
*Black Jeggings from Megagamie
* Goldie Obi belt from SMooch

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Wednesday: Dinner with close friends at Tastings Room
*Pixie Dust Top fromSMooch
*A Skirt to Love in Chinese Red from Megagamie

20111225-125926.jpg Bling Bling!

Friday: Christmas Party in office
*Side Show Top in Mauve from SMooch
*Grey Jeggings from Stradivarious

Weird looking Santa spotted in office:)

Friday Night Movie: Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie from A&F Houston to keep warm in the cold weather 😀

Saturday: Christmas dinner with Hubs
*Azukii dress in Cream
*Leather jacket to keep warm in this rainy weather
*Balenciaga Part Time bag

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The week leading up to christmas is always one of the best weeks in the year. Forget about the crazy shoppers in Orchard Road. I am talking about all the christmas gatherings, dinners with family and friends, wines, ham & turkey! Not even the incessant raining can spoil my mood… falalalala…

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A told me I was fat, that was when I was 16… I lost weight and became a cheerleader

F told me I was wearing the same outfits for classes and other occasions, that was in my uni days… I have so many clothes now, I have a walk-in wardrobe

L told me my bag was fake … I have 2 racks of luxury leather goods now.

How much did they influence me, till today I am still pretty amused

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A week in peektures

This week in peektures

20111218-101022.jpg some love from down under – a christmas card from Yujing

20111218-101131.jpg loots from Megagamie & SMooch – biggest loot ever, 6 items in total!

20111218-101518.jpg A sweet little Christmas greeting from SMooch 🙂

20111218-101643.jpg OTD Thursday – polka dot top from F21 with red skirt from Megagamie

20111218-101916.jpg Friday – came back to 2 packages, one from The Ho’s and one from Sarah ♥

20111218-102144.jpg Gift from Sarah: pre-launched lace top

20111218-102509.jpgBring out the Batwings, OTD Saturday – Holly Batwing top from SMooch

20111218-102728.jpgMom came visiting

20111218-102842.jpgNew acquisition – Balenciaga yays!

20111218-102941.jpgWai Kar Wye for Shu Uemura?

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we bid Mark adieu

It’s christmas time but it’s also transfer time for my company. This time around, one of the closest colleague I have, my neighbour (the good one) in office is leaving Singapore for Sugar Land =(

G decided to treat his direct reports to a nice dinner and at the same time bid farewell to Mark

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