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Where does my future lies? I used to be clear, now I am lost. I’ve lost my muse, not sure I’m gonna find it back. I need a change, not sure if the change is right for me. I used to be confident here, now I am confused. I need to find that someone to guide me back, but I can’t find that someone. I’m game for anything, but I am afraid of getting trapped. I used to think that my future lies beyond the yellow brick road. All I need to do is just to travel along the road, now I am on the verge of saying goodbye to what I have believed in.

I am very afraid of getting trapped.

♥Blue today.


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♥ you

yes you baby ♥

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24 june 2010

Man; hello, what is that on your shoe?
M: it’s called embelishment
Man: hahaha
Man: can I have that on my shoe too ?
M: Sure! I’ll even stick it to your forehead if it makes you happy 🙂
Man: …

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heehee =)

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I finally have the time to complete the Cambodia trip post. Mostly camwhoring pictures…lol. We had great company, great fun in that trip. I wish we could do it again.

our footwear of choice. Note: OYY’s footwear of choice is always slippers.

loves lomography!

inhabitants of Lake Tonle Sap

Apsaras or dancing nymphs.

tomb raiders 😉

Clara’s friend, Dione 🙂

waiting for sunrise @ angkor wat

Clara, Yin Teng and Melissa at the Bayon

Choon Fei & Yongfeng in tuk tuk

Yin Teng & Melissa in Bar Street 🙂

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*source: http://hubpages.com/hub/Tattoo_Ideas_Words__Phrases2

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