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You just know it’s time to stay away.. When a friend is no longer who she is, although you make excuses for her strange sometimes verbally abusive behaviour but deep down you just know that she is no longer the friend you thought she is ..

Tell tale signs of the death of a friendship:

1. She is verbally abusive and is embarrasing you with every second sentance out of her mouth.

2. Takes you for granted and no longer says thanks for your gifts and your favours.

3. Treats you like friend when they need you, treats you like dirt otherwise ( work stress is no longer an excuse).

4. Lose their temper at you for no apparent reason.

5. You just know that they had changed.

All in all, you suck(now) as a friend.. You know who you are :).. It’s no wonder you like to exercise so much control over your boyfriend, it’s because you are so afraid you will lose him the way you have lost so many friends.. My sympathy to you 🙂


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CNY this year

Macau was loads of fun as always. Too bad Chubby Hubby’s trip was a bit short though. All in all I think he had fun as usual ( as long as he has his Hot Wok we can safely assume that!), mommy & daddy had fun, and so did Mady and Walter. I definitely had a blast…(grin*).. oh how I long for the cold weather now (sweating profusely in sunny Singapore..bleah)

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this past week…

it’s been more than a week in the cold in Macau. and since I am heading home tomorrow bright and early (sianz!), lets just review the damage this past week:

1. Striped Navy top from Mango
2. Black top from Mango
3. 2 pairs of earrings (one for mom!)
4. One pair of German Nazi Boots
5. Fossil watch
6. McDonalds PIG Doraemon
7. 2 Chunky Necklaces
8. 4 Mont Blancs from China
9. Edward Scissorhands for Ian
10. Tea for the dudes
11. Wooly hat for the cold
12. 2 Bag hangers (one for Mom!)
13. Lens-less glasses (for fun)
14. Tiffany & Co. Silver Polish

I think thats about it..!

Not too bad considering my previous records here…hahahha.. nonetheless it has been a fantastic trip 🙂

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Is our secret safe tonight?

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yayyyyyyyy…. ma babeh is here today

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heading to zhuhai for shoe serious shopping babehhhhhh~ whaaaoooooootttt

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… analogue never looked this good!

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