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Pink today

Candy Floss PINK!


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Helloooooo… last weekend was crazy and this is an obvious understatement. So many things happening, I can barely catch my breath. For one, it was Kevin’s last day at work so we went out to Helipad for drinks and to get (him) drunk. Unfortunately, stupid ass me brought a camera that ran out of batteries. So there was no pictures for this one (very helpful, I know).

Then, Little Ryan is not so little anymore  as he turned 1 this weekend in true blue diva fashion in a Cowboy themed party in El Toro.

Suicidal Woody…hahahahah!

Who killed Roger Rabbit?

The party was fun although the kids did give us a headache and we were sloshing margaritas and nachos throughout. But then again I am sure Ryan will not remember any of this..lol.

Finally, some random shots taken in between our wedding shots.


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Had the wedding shoot today… finally, after missing the appointment once (yes, we are a committed couple). We are married to our work. Took some shots around and about Wessex estate, there was a slight drizzle but nothing too severe. Then we moved on to Red Dot Museum, The National Museum and Crowne Plaza for the rest of the shoot. Who would have thought that it would be so tiring just posing for the camera!

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it’s only tuesday, and I am already thinking about Clarke Quay this Friday… I think I need a mid-week pick-me-up.

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Caught up with some old friends from BBGS this weekend for some SATC sessions. Really miss those girls and all the stupid stuff we used to do in school. Will keep in mind to met up more often

Never trust a drunk to take your group photo.

TEJ introduced her squeeze, who’s actually a really cool creature

♥Lae Hing

Kar Wye

Ee Jhane take 1

…and again

and again…

SATC sessions

the corny things we do

check out the attention seeking indian guy behind us *bleah!*

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13 July 2010

The new car is FAN-TA-BU-LOUS!♥♥♥

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