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After a very very long week last week, I decided to head down with Daphne and Clara to Zouk with some of LK’s friends from training. I was reluctant to go initially, I just wanted to go home and crash but I was glad I decided against that. We head down to Zouk and the Gilles Peterson’s worldwide festival was happening there. It was the second time for me attending the worldwide festival. I enjoyed it again no less. Good house music, crazy crowd and a hell lot of Booze!

Spanish Moustache


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Had a fantastic weekend last week shopping and Hi-Tea-ing with Shevonne ( shopping is always fantastic…hurhurhur!). Spent money again. Bought 2 pairs of shoes, one is a crimson red, sequined ballet flats and the other is a 3.5″ Evil looking black heels from Pedro Women. I felt so guilty when YF came and pick me up because I was carrying all these packages. (But i am still happy =)

Here are some of our cam-whoring pictures at Wild Honey. Great food, despite what others may say and very very good ambience for people watching.


Wild Honey!

Great ambience, good concept. They even have 2 iPads on the counter for people to view pictures of their food! (coolness!)

Shevonne’s mango landed a few inches short of her plate

Shopping Queens


Oh and we each fell in love with a ring in Tiffany & Co.!! I think I’ll add it into my wishlist for christmas =)

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Going to watch King Kong Jane at The Promontory tonight!

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I my new Marc by Marc Jacobs lipstick pen!

I’m totally rocking it! ♥♥

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mr.ong…and mrs.ong =)

I have finally got the photos we took for our wedding photoshoot! Actually, the people at XZEN (Edwin and Keith) didn’t take that long. But I was looking forward to viewing the pictures so much. Anyway the results are very good. Both me and YF was satisfied with the results… and these are the raw files!.. Power can!

I this!

I am so in love with the photos, I really can’t wait to see the album when it’s done! So happy that the photos turn out fantastic. Think I’ll start planning on m narcissist wall soon..lol.

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Jellies can be fun!

Coffee Jelly is back at Starbucks again…yays!

Who would have guessed that jellies and coffees can be so much fun!

I am getting really broke because I am craving for a cuppa every second day =(

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geek♥ attack@!

I think I am getting increasingly geeky, I am actually ordering journals online. And I find them interesting to read. SHIT!

worst is that I’ve just found out that not many people actually order these journals (even though they are provided free). These are people with patents I am talking about… I guess I am turning into a gross geek. Might as well get used to it.

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