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  • Madison dress in white from SMooch
  • Scallop belt in black from SMooch
  • Oxford Blazer in Black from SMooch
  • Jeweled leather cuff from SMooch

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Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo (pun intended!) – the one in Singapore, not the one with a lot of shoes .. got married on 20.11.2011

It was fun attending the wedding, getting to meet hall peeps again after so long. We definitely had a blast!

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Wednesday, we are halfway to the weekend.

Last day of November, we are 25 days till Christmas, 32 days till 2012

  • Dress from Forever 21
  • Leather Jacket from Her Velvet Vase
  • Molten Ring from SMooch
  • Red bag from Kate Spade
  • Red pumps from Pedro

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Spent Saturday journeying to Pengerang, Johor, Malaysia for Lobster seafood with Hubs, Des, Flo & Jan. Stopped by to be amused by ostriches in an ostrich farm. Was thoroughly in awe of the large flightless bird.

Traffic Jam at the Causeway

Out of Stock@!

Big Bird

A gang of Osterich

An Ostrich’s idea of Snooping around

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Smooched Friday

Love a rock chic look with Azukii Dress in Champagne. Molten YSL inspired Arty ring in Enamel Black both from SMooch.

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I am the Technicolor Girl..

Technicolors makes me happy..

What would the world be without colors?..

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mad in love

I am mad in love with this YSL inspired molten looking ring. Look at how gorgeous this is!!

chio to the max!

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