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Feather Pumps


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Next in Line…

Ok, so I am almost done with Houston (fine, I still have till 7pm but I am leaving today already). I had a great time travelling alone. Never thought I would have so much fun travelling alone but I did.

Next up,


we all love paris…

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This week

One week passes very fast. This was one of the most interesting and efficient week.

David and Kim was very helpful and I really like working here…..


Outfits this week


Preppy shirt from G2000; Military Jacket from Love, Bonito; Jeans from Zara; Riding Boots from Macau; Desert Storm Scarf from Singapore Army Shop

Woolen knit hat from China; Scarf from Singapore Army Shop; Military winter coat from Zara; Ballet Flats from The Editor’s Market

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I am in…

Yep, just reached a little over 3 hours ago.

There is some serious shopping to be done here, Stay tuned for updates!

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inside my head #2

Yes, I do..

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take me, i’m yours

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This past week had been very eventful. Last friday was spent in Hatched for dinner with 10 of my friends and colleagues. Couldn’t ask everyone to be there, otherwise I would have to book the whole restaurant. Hatched, as usual was great fun, food is good, price is reasonable.

After dinner we went for wine in The Wine Company. Shevonne insists that we should get Moscato which we did but it was sold out. haha. Yes she insisted. =P So we ended up ordering an alternative. Which none of us remembered the name…lol. Yep we still don’t remember the name. We had 2 bottles of those.

Then, out of places to go, someone (Freddie) suggested Thai Disco. We were game, and so to the Thai Disco, Club Ratchada we went… boy, it was an experience of epic proportions.

* the queer looking singer was doing that queer looking dance move all night. We were thoroughly entertained.


Saturday morning started well, I spent the day in Aramsa Spa doing a superb treatment called Rain Dance. Yea I know, I think Yongfeng got me that package thinking that it was funny. It was great though. The Vichy shower was a bit weird. At times I was actually having difficulty breathing because the water was in my nose. However, being always a water baby, I was not worried. Maybe just a bit.

Dinner that night was in Capricci. Italian fine dining in Tanjong Pagar. It was fantastic, need I say more?

Then Yongfeng organized a surprise party for me in The Dessert Bowl in Serangoon Gardens. One which I kinda guessed the whole plan. It was still nice anyway to think that they went through all the trouble. Love you guys!

My sis came to Singapore on Sunday. It was very fun to meet up and just go shopping

And finally on Wednesday, I met up with Ian and he got me the BOBBLE HEAD CARTMAN TOY!!!!!!

Really FANTASTIC birthday week this year!


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