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Yep, thats what I said. Got inked. I finally took the plunge and did it, yes~ and it is permanent. Not regretting it one bit.Apologies  for the bad quality of the photo, I was too excited when it was done and just had to take a snapshot of it. It’s actually a cursive M, which is the initial of my first name on my right pelvic area,  just above the bikini line. Thought about it long enough so I just went and did it last Saturday.

I got it done at this cool place called Visual Orgasm in Haji Lane. It was highly recommended by a lot of people on the net. They have actually won awards for their tattoos and artistry… I was like WOW, thoroughly impressed!

Mine was done by this very tattooed but cool looking guy called Kelvin. He was very quick, the process took only 20 minutes! but I must say it was painful, but the results made me forget the pain altogether..hahaz

Met Freddie on Sunday since I was in Tampines area. We went for dessert at this new dessert place at Tamp 1. I really miss my hall friends, so nice to just met them for brainless chats once in a while =)

Unfortunately Fred had to run to office after dessert. SO I went shopping around tampines area. I like shopping alone. Yes, I am weird


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Yesterday was Yujing’s last day in work (sobs..!). It came as a big surprise to all of us actually since the last we talked about career and stuff she seemed quite happy working there. So it happened about a month ago she got an acceptance to University of Sydney so she did what none of us dared to do so far, she fired her boss. It was really an eventful year for her this year I must say. She got hitched in March, then now she is moving to Sydney. The girls planned a Hen Party for her actually back in february to bring the wild girl out for the night, unfortunately so many things happened. Clara had to go for an operation after chinese new year, right about the time we planned to have the party … and so it got delay. We felt really bad about it actually. Then we planned for it to be in April but unfortunately I had to rush off to Macau and it got delayed the second time. This time, trust me we felt much worst! And so when Daphne planned the farewell party for Yujing yesterday, we thought of surprising our dear babe with a spontaneous Hen’s Night (The guys being there was unfortunate… but they had fun too, I hope). Needless to say, when you put a bunch of creative (and very HOT!) female engineers together, we can come up with so many spontaneous games… (mind read…pedometer…)

First, we whip out the list of questionaire we had Jim answered before he went to Korea in April. Yujing’s is clearly the blur one in the relationship..lol. Then we went on to Brotzeit in Vivocity for some drinks where we found that the pedometer is actually a very fun tool for games when you are partially drunk…lol.

Everyone was so sporting!!… I LOVE MY COLLEAGUES!!! They are so much fun to be with and they keep an insane person like me insane! And I am going to miss Yujing so much (sobs~)

Sanity sucks, let’s stay insane.!!!

Daphne’s redefining GEEK CHIC

Jim being punished for helping Yujing with the questionaire right under our noses!. and we ain’t gonna let that happen without retaliation… just to show him the simple reason that

Girls RULE, Boys DROOL~!

Hence, we made him wear Yujing’s veil. Honestly, I think he secretly likes wearing the veil… hmmm~

Here’s the insane bunch. Yujing’s obviously already stoned from the schnapps. We had so much fun! I really love the girls =).

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Thank god it’s friday!!! Stuck in Drs. Horne and Chin in orchard for company med check with a stool container (not empty) in my bag 😦 waiting for them to poke and probe me with needles… Sighhh.. Good thing is I am not alone.. Nat is here with me with her own stool container … Hahahahahahz.. We had nothing to do while waiting so we cam whore-d :)))

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I love my new watch

Went shopping with Shevonne last night, had loads of fun. It was so long since the last time we went shopping and  really miss how much fun we have each time we went out. Anyways saw this absolutely cute bow watch in Aldo that costs only $35~! plus 10% additional discount with UOB card!! So we do what BFFs and bimbos do, WE GOT THE SAME WATCH!!!….hehehe

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defying gravity

*source: lookbook.nu

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Came across this quirky little milkshake parlour near Red Dot museum awhile back.  It goes by the name of OUAM, short for Once Upon a Milkshake. It’s really just a quaint little shoppe tucked away at the back of Maxwell building with seriously quirky flavors for milkshake. When you have Agent Strawberry and Vainilla Pot or Grumbling Raisins as flavors, you just know that you can’t go wrong. Really love the place and I think you should go check it out if you have the time.

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One word to describe this show?


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