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WIWT, 30 Dec 2010

Last day of work for 201o today!

Swing dress from Her Velvet Vase; Bib necklace from Diva; Gold weave belt from Topshop

The dress is a little too big for me =(


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WIWT Dec 28,2010

Top from Her Velvet Vase; Leggings from The Velvet Dolls; The Beatles charm necklace from Bangkok

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I want these so badly!

Stand Out Style {Lace Stilettos}.

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100 facts about Mel…

Just thought that I’ll be a bit random on a lazy and wet Saturday after reading Sixpeg’s blog. She posted a post on 100 interesting things about her, feeling inspired,  I thought I’ll do one for myself too.

Here it goes…

1. I am Malaysian

2. I have been in Singapore for almost 8 years

3. I am a Singapore PR

4. My husband is Singaporean

5. Yes, I am married, for over a year already

6. I met my husband in university

7. We were SP (special pals) partners

8. Our SP nick name was Donald and Daisy Duck

9. I love shoes

10. I have over 30 pairs of heels & boots

11. I know that is not a lot, but I am working on it

12. I don’t have enough space for my shoes

13. I keep at least a pair of spare shoe in my car trunk

14. I love bags too, but which girl doesn’t?

15. I own only 2 “luxury” bags

16. Both are Coach

17. I don’t think I can bring myself to spending a bomb on a bag

18. I am currently in love with all things Prada

19. I think Hermes Birkin bag is too “matured” for my liking

20. I like to travel

21. Haven’t travelled much so far because of financial reasons

22. I am trying to travel more now that I am earning

23. The furthest place I have been to is Houston

24. It was on a business trip 2 years ago

25. I would like to go to Europe soon

26. I like pictures of the Eiffel tower

27. I can’t write well

28. I have never had a habit of keeping a diary (see #27)

29. This is not my first blog

30. But this is my longest by far

31. Technicolor Dreams was part of a song lyric from a band called Matchbox Twenty

32. I love to read

33. My first book was The Adventures of Brer Rabbit by Enid Blyton

34. I didn’t like that book that much, but I got hooked on to the Malory Towers and St. Claire series by Enid Blyton

35. Now I read both fiction and non-fiction books

36. I particularly like to read about fashion

37. I have a tattoo

38. It is a cursive M on my right pelvic bone

39. I am going to have another done, but I have not decide on what

40. It will be a phrase, that I am sure

41. I was the Assistant Head Prefect in my Primary School

42. I was a Prefect from Secondary 1 to Secondary 2

43. I used to be quite good in sports

44. I participated in sprints and high jump competitions during my secondary school days

45. My uniform group was St. John’s Ambulance

46. I was a certified First Aid Practitioner

47. My ambition used to be a Doctor

48. I was glad I did not pursue that ambition

49. I think taking care of sick people is noble

50. and kinda Gross

51. I was a cheerleader in university

52. I like to be tossed up in the air

53. I had injury which require stitches twice in my life

54. Once I fell when I was young, I needed stitches on my head

55. The second time was on my chin, I fell during cheerleading practice

56. I was back cheering again 2 days after my injury, with my stitches still on

57. I hate disappointing others

58. I am a Mechanical engineer

59. I love having nice lunches and brunches

60. Because I like dressing up

61. I am scared of ghosts

62. I believe in them so that they do not come looking for me to proof their existance

63. I don’t watch horror movies (see #61)

64. Christmas is the best time of the year for me

65. That is because it’s the holiday season and my birthday is coming soon

66. I was born on Jan 8, 1983 (see #65)

67. I have perfect vision

68. I have many friends but very few close friends

69. But those that I consider my best friends, I trust them with my life

70. My favorite movies so far is Romeo + Juliet, (500) Days of Summer and The Leap Years

71. My favourite TV shows are ANTM, Glee, Gossip Girl and The OC

72. I have all 4 seasons of the OC on dvd

73. I’ll watch any show by Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Ewan McGregor and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

74. It’s solely because they are great actors

75. Honestly (see #74)

76. I like Adam Brody (OC) because he is handsome (and neurotic)

77. I love indie music and bands

78. I like bands like MUSE and The Killers too

79. The Killers is my absolute favorite band until they bailed on me by cancelling their Asia leg of their 2010 tour, not cool!

80. I still listen to them though, they still make good music

81. And yes, Brandon Flowers is the sexiest Mormon alive

82. I also like more Folksy music like Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson

83. I absolutely love Lee Hom..hee

84. I like Lady Gaga too, for her originality and weirdness

85. I have 4 cameras, 2 toy and 2 digital

86. I love lomography

87. I love taking photos in slides, x-processed

88. I just spent a bomb on my 4th camera, a mini DSLR, Lumix GF1 white with pancake 20mm and a 14-45mm lens

89. My current favorite designers/designer labels are Prada (Bags), Lanvin (Clothes), Rodarte (Clothes) and Bottega Veneta (Clothes)

90. I can’t afford either of them

91. I like Across the Bloody Universe Blogshop too!

92. Their Smooch label are my favorite for affordable, beautiful and chic clothes

93. I love frozen yoghurt!

94. I am terrified of lizards

95. or any creatures cold-blooded for that matter

96. The longest game I have played is MouseHunt on Facebook, I have started in April 2008, I am still playing it

97. I use money to buy virtual cheese as baits, my colleagues think I am crazy

98. I always wished I was part of a rock band

99. I can’t play any musical instrument

100. It took me 2 months to complete this post, glad we are finally at #100 ♥



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more shots of Bryan in monochrome

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It’s the

monochrome doggie

they say the dog is color-blind. If that is true then this must be how the world looks like through Bryan’s eyes.

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Its Christmas!

and what better way to spend it than to be with the HoHoHos

Cupcakes ♥♥♥!

Shevonne & Meiru

Cute Dude

More cute dudes =)

Ryan having fun with his christmas present from Uncle Yongfeng and Aunty Melissa

Getting cosy with the cute dude

and Finally, Merry Christmas to All =)

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