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31 March 2011

I am too busy to blog! this is really not a good thing. So many things I want to blog about.

I will do a summary of my Europe trip this weekend.

Stay tuned!


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What have I got spinning currently in my stereo? hmmmm.. this sound a little vintage-y since only a handful still owns a stereo much less plays a cd on a stereo. It’s the age of the IPod y’all!

Ok due to laziness and sheer procrastination I have not transferred the album into my IPhone/IPod, so I am still spinning the cd. Not exactly on the stereo, more on my laptop. It’s just a figure of speech, so just cut me some slack..k.

So currently spinning on my stereo is King Kong Jane’s debut album, Waiting for Friday. Ok I must say, I had their previous recording versions of most of the songs on the album already. My best bitching friend is the guitarist and the rest of the band used to be my hall mates (hee!). However I must say, this studio version of their songs are very more polished compared to their previous recordings and hence a tremendous increase in listening pleasure. I really liked the album, not just because they are my friends. But I think the real acid test is how long one can stay listening to the album over and over again. Something like what the Killers can do to me. So let’s just see. For now, the album is awesomeness!

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Venice or Venezia as it is referred to by the Italians is every bit as beautiful as how it is described by everyone who has been here. I feel like roaming the streets here everyday to just soak in the atmosphere and the beauty of the surrounding. I will be flying back to singapore today. It has been a tiring 2 weeks of vacations. I have seen many and done many in these 2 weeks. Till the next time, I’ll be missing Europe.

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Have I mentioned I really love shopping in Italy? Everybody is so couture here! Just walk down the atelier lined Via Condotti and soak up the passion for fashion. All the big names are here. We got the Pradas and the Guccis, the Ferragamos and Bvlgaris all lined up along this tiny street. Oh did I mention the stuff bought here are mostly Italian made?

This is me all ready to shop Italia!
Cape from Forever 21; Coat from Zara

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Rome is awesome. Great food, good coffee, passionate people, amazing history, great blend of old world and new.

The Coloseo was breathtaking. Soaking up the atmosphere and imagining the great arena that it was back in the days of ancient rome is a great way to start off the tour of the city.

Trevi fountain is as beautiful as what the travel literature says.

The Vatican is THE VATICAN, nuff said.

Then soak up the atmosphere in a 2000 year old church that is the Pantheon, my favorite ancient Rome structure.

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Hello London!

Hellooooo from London. YES, I am in beautiful London now. Strolling down the River Thames is amazing, going back in time in the Tower of London and being amazed by the passion of football in the Emirates stadium. I really am enjoying this city so much that the cold weather isn’t really bothering me that much… Finally, just wanted to post some pictures o London taken with my phone.

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vintage is love


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