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30 May 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy


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Stumbled across this image on WeHeartIt and I just went Awwww…

Ain’t this doggie the cutest??

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Lazy Weekend

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

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This I will remember:

1. The time we went clubbing in MOS

2. The tequila shots we downed

3. The Brewerkz sessions

4. “The Chilli Tequila”

5. Great times we had in Phuket

6. Crazy nights in Phuket

8. Fun times working & travelling together

9. Discussions about which band is the best

10. Epic fun times spent together which made work bearable

Slowly, the people that made work fun is leaving one by one. I guess I am getting melancholy.

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Feeling kinda sad recently. Many seniors at work that we shared many good and bad times are leaving. Some for studies, some for personal reasons, others transferred. I guess these are inevitable the longer you’d work, the more of these you’d see.

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My attempts at capturing Bangkok thru the Lens

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As some of you may remember I went to Bangkok for a short shopping/drinking/partying trip back in the weekend of the Royal Wedding? Well since I have not blogged about it and I have some time this morning, I thought of writing it down.

So about 3 weekends ago, I went on a short trip to Bangkok with Hubsters, Sylvia, Des & Flo and Jansen (who could say no to Bangkok?). We had nothing much planned actually. Just wanted a short getaway trip to anywhere and hence Bangkok it is.

As usual with the trips to Bangkok, we shopped, we ate and we partied till we drop. Here are the pictures =)

With siao-char-bo Sylvia

Whizzing around with our shopping bags in a Tuk-Tuk

my absolute favorite haunt in Bangkok, Khaosarn Road

Happy peeps in Khaosarn

More happy peeps in Khaosarn

The reason for happy peeps being happy peeps in Khaosarn

Sylvia’s über cool tattoo

Let the tuk-tuk race begin! Yes we had some insane tuk-tuk drivers that attempted to race in the busy streets of Bangkok


Okay. I am finishing off this post with a super hilarious picture of ms. Sylvia 😡

muhahahhahahahahahhaha…. mind you she was not drunk. she was only pretending to be drunk.. what a skill!

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