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Our Epicurial date this weekend took us to Canele in Scotts road. We were extremely lucky to get the window seat (the best seat in the house in my opinion!). Had the best macaroon I have tasted so far but I guess this won’t stand for long. I will be going to either Cafe Laduree or Pierre Herme while in Paris!. As usual we cam whore-d a little, had great macarons and talk about random stuffs… then went shopping.


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Can’t F***in Wait!

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Crochet Cape from Forever 21; Grey Skinny Jeans from Zara



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Painted my nails black today. I have never had it in black since my teenage angst days. That was a few years ago. I bought the color (black oynx) in Houston because it was cheap but I think I am falling in love with the color again.

Bracelets from Topshop; blue bracelet from Doha, Qatar

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22 Feb 2011, 8:09am

I was reading through some of my blog archives and I noticed that I used to write much more last time. By writing I mean more wordy posts. These days my posts are mostly pictures. Not that pictures are no good, they are beautiful to look at, a feast to the reader’s eyes but I kinda like to read my wordy posts as well. The remind me of my state of mind when I posted them. Think from today onwards I will start to write more again. Try to have a healthy mix of both.

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WIWT, 21 Feb 2011

For Rebecca shirt dress from myspringfling

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Shevonne and I started on what we called an Epicurean Adventure. Basically it’s photos of us gorging on good food, Hi-Tea and Brunches. Yea, we were bored.

This week we had late LATE Brunch at Cafe Epicurious @ The Rail Mall. The late part is due to the fact that Shevonne can never wake up earlier than 11am on weekends. So our brunches is and will always be more like a late Lunch.

Check out my diamond ringgggg~!

Shevonne’s Dunno-What-and-Toast

Eggs Benedict


Food was great, price was reasonable. The Rail Mall was a bit far =(

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