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almost there

we are almost there…


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Hubs was right… great voice, good music

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4 days till vacation..

96 hours till wanderlust..

5760 mins till I get lost

Let’s get packing!

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I had a Wicked time at Wicked the Musical all thanks to Hubs who paid for the tickets and went along with me although he wasn’t keen on watching :). Great seats too!



For the musical I wore
*Gracefully Ballooned from Dresstronomy
*Faux leather jacket from Her Velvet Vase to keep me warm in the theaters 🙂
*Balenciaga Part Time
*Red lippie: Old Hollywood from MAC





After the early reunion dinner – we headed off to the very stylish Gab’s party and played ping pong 😡


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Spent a rare day in orchard with Hubs (he hates shopping).

I am in Frou Frou Dress in Hot Pink and Lady Victoria necklace, both from SMooch.

Alvin, Simon & Theodore! SMooch Pink Frou Frou Dress

All I want for christmas is A&F boys =)

Bumped into Jon Chong at Starbucks Liat Towers

the christmas tree in my apartment =)

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I am sooooo hungryyyyyy…

waiting for the hubsss to come back

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Panna Cotta

I have been in love with Panna Cotta since Italy. It’s pretty difficult to find good panna cotta in singapore so naturally i would think that it is pretty difficult to make. Oddly enough, i found out that it is not difficult to make at all! Made my first batch with Strawberry as my choice of garnish and it turn out pretty good. Hubs even gave me 90 marks.. =)

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