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Value of Friendship

It is unfortunate that different people value friendship very differently..

Multiple times being turned down turns people off. Plus I hardly think that you are so popular to be so busy – hence you should be lying. I really hope your imaginary friends will be with you eventually when you need them. That’s cos we won’t.

Good luck and Good Riddance

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I had a Wicked time at Wicked the Musical all thanks to Hubs who paid for the tickets and went along with me although he wasn’t keen on watching :). Great seats too!



For the musical I wore
*Gracefully Ballooned from Dresstronomy
*Faux leather jacket from Her Velvet Vase to keep me warm in the theaters 🙂
*Balenciaga Part Time
*Red lippie: Old Hollywood from MAC





After the early reunion dinner – we headed off to the very stylish Gab’s party and played ping pong 😡


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1pm. : Lunch @ Red Star

*Midi Dress from LilyPirates



8pm. : My Birthday presents arrived from the US!


9pm. : KOI … Just for fun =)


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It’s Friday again.. the first friday of 2012. How time flies! It was just Christmas and New Year!

Anyways today is Huijun’s wedding in Mandarin Orchard, it was so funny watching MC making a fool of himself..

Wore for the first time a wrap dress from Dresstronomy to Huijun’s wedding. A new online shop that Meiru recomended. Their dresses are more on the pricey side for online store but the quality of the material and tailoring was good. Plus, it comes in a smartpac complete with dustbag!

♥ the photobooth at the wedding 🙂

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27 Dec 2011:

*Jewel Tone Top from SMooch

28 Dec 2011: Christmas Bear on sale! Had a joke with Marcial about him wanting a cuddly teddy bear cos he was whining that he was sick. Then I stumbled on this bear on sale. Hence I got it for him as a joke. We had a great laugh over it… ahhh the end of the year mood.

29 Dec 2011: Miss Piggy and Kermit invaded my desk!

30 Dec 2011: Guess who just landed on my couch?

30 Dec 2011: Last Day of work for 2011… I was in coveralls at 7am heading to Tuas

30 Dec 2011: The Ugly Tartling Passion Fruit and Chocolate Cognac tarts

30 Dec 2011: Ring of Fire game was actually Das Boot.. But we had a lot of fun regardless

30 Dec 2011: Ningfeng planking? or was it just plasticine charades?

31 Dec 2011: Wild Honey brunch with my girl Karen on the last day of the year!

31 Dec 2011: Spent the day shopping with Karen who came from KL for a wedding of a family friend

31 Dec 2011: The definitive of ME, Queen Bee drink from Wild Honey!

31 Dec 2011: Ice-Cream with the gang before dinner (ice-cream: average, the company: priceless)

31 Dec 2011: ooooo Headless Simpsons

31 Dec 2011: The Gang, just before midnight

31 Dec 2011: Us at the stroke of midnight; Happy 2012!

1 Jan 2012: Flower shopping and I chanced upon this fabulous Hydrangeas

1-2 Jan 2012: Mahjong with the Gang… Huat ah!

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He asked about you and it made me froze.


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