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Panna Cotta

I have been in love with Panna Cotta since Italy. It’s pretty difficult to find good panna cotta in singapore so naturally i would think that it is pretty difficult to make. Oddly enough, i found out that it is not difficult to make at all! Made my first batch with Strawberry as my choice of garnish and it turn out pretty good. Hubs even gave me 90 marks.. =)


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26 Oct 2011

Do I really like to scream? All I can say is that I can’t teach common sense, and I don’t like to deal with stupidity

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Upgraded my iPhone and iPad to iOS5 (kewl!). No, really.. it is cool. iCloud is the most fantastic thing since iPod. And with iMessage means i can chat everywhere! (I knocked my head in the train last night chatting on iMessage). The only thing is my phone battery drains super (duper) fast. It’s like i lose 30% doing nothing with my phone at night.. which suck. I gotta figure out a way to manage this. other than that I don’t  think I can complain anything.

Received the much raved about Alex Cardigan from SMooch. Wore it on Thursday, feeling absolutely fabulous! Sarah & Mery did it again, kudos! =)

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i am thinking about that second tattoo.

Bow or Text?

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still here

11:30pm – I am still in Temasek Conference Room. It’s like I am having an affair but in actual fact it is less interesting than that. I am just here for conference call…again. This sucks (conference call part, there is no affair, I’m just being a drama queen) cos it’s almost a weekly thing and it really makes me feel that I am working all the time. Really do not like this much. There’s definitely more to life than work. I am losing time with my family and friends. Life is passing me so quickly while I am busy sitting through conference calls and meetings and project responsibilities. I need to somehow re-prioritize my life.

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i think i might like cooking after all.

i was back home early on Friday because Desmond was not feeling well so i just came back and work. Since i didn’t know what to eat hence i decided to cook =). I made stir fried garlic dou miao withf fried garoupa and bean curd skin soup. i think it was not to shabby for a first attempt ;). Then on Saturday, I made curry chicken, which tasted better Sunday than it did on Saturday..ha!

So i may give cooking a try since it was really quite fun =)

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Lamest joke I have heard in a very very VERY very long time

Me: (In a Prada Shop) Nice Prada bags!!

Me: I love Prada, their leather is so nice to the touch

Friend: You must be the devil then

Me: Why?

Friend: Cos the devil wears Prada


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