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Ohmigod… I want this dress so damn much! but it’s sold out… so damn super duper sian!

i want! i want! i want!


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have you been under a semi-sub?…

No doubt about it, my job takes me to amazing places, even in Singapore. After more than 3 years and some places that I get to go still amazes me. Yesterday I went to the shipyard in Jurong, the place where oil rigs are built. And I actually got to stand under a semi-submersible rig!… the feeling is … WOW. No other words can describe it more accurately. The sheer size of the rig is enough to baffle me over and over again.


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we were kids again…

I have always thought that YF is childish. He has his matured days but he usually acts pretty childishly when with people he is comfortable with. And me.. need I say more? Now, at this age, I still get disapproving look from my mom telling me to grow up. I still jump down the stairs, run around the house (sometimes in office) and I still dance like a maniac to my favourite tunes. Hence on Monday, to celebrate the fact that we are finally done with all the marriage formalities, YF suggested that we go Universal Studios. I, of course, immediately agreed (and danced around in joy and excitement).  We ran around (like kids) trying to catch all shows. Took peektures with the Psychotic Penguins in Madagascar, rode on all the rides and had fun getting drenched.. yes, drenched!

Mel’s Drive Thru.. HAHAHA


Movieeee stars!

This is us… amusing ourselves while queuing for the Lost World rapids rides

Psychotic Penguins!!!!!!


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done deal!

i am finally DONE with ADVANCE!!!

hurrah! hurrah! pop the champagne & let’s celebrate!

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Last friday, the girls organized a girls-night-out as a hen party for yours truly. Needless to say it was a crazy night with many unlady like gestures and games. Worst is we were spotted by some old friends… Embarassing, can! But all-in-all it was great fun.

Ohh.. btw, i love my drape dress from Across The Bloody Universe…comfortable and gorgeous =)

saggy bra!..muahahaha!

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Got it!(one day shy of the original deluxe launch) and Loving it so far. Regretted not getting Lee Hom though!

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