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Life’s Lessons


Today is an extraordinary day. I was privileged enough to have two wise old man giving me advise about …life.

One told me, you can work hard at things that you like but do not neglect  your family because the moment you lose your productivity, you will lose everything but you will not lose your family. Do not drive your family away with your obsession with work. He told me this after seeing me working late again in the office on a Friday. It really struck me because I have never thought of it that way. I have always think that I work hard to be valuable to my company and because I love what I do. Never once did it occurred to me that if one day I lose my productivity that I have now for whatever reasons, I will be less valuable to the company and they may not want me anymore. And if in that process of chasing my dreams and climbing the corporate ladder, I may have already lose precious time or neglected the ones closest to me.

Another wise man told me tonight that there will always be people that are jealous of other’s achievement. They may not see the  inputs  and contributions I have put in to get me where I was and will question the abilities I have. This makes the path difficult and I will have to learn to be patient and overcome it. And this will happen all throughout my career and I just have to learn to be patient with these people. Again this struck me because I have never thought of it that way. Definitely an advise that I will remember for very long.

A friday of life’s lessons. I am truly humbled.

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