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Letter to my Daddy

The earliest memory of you was on my first day to kindergarten. I was four and excited. Got up as early as you had to for work, all dressed up in my checkered pinafore, all excited. I remembered as you watched me fondly smiling, you were probably thinking that your little girl is growing up already.

Then there was the time we were in New Zealand for holiday. I was around 7. Once we had a nice dinner that was not indo-mie, you ordered T-bone steak, I said I wanted the same. Mom was like “are you sure?”. So when the steak came, I was 1″ thick and you had to cut up my steak for me.. hahaha. I tell Yongfeng that all the time. This is what my daddy does for me, and this is what you have to do to measure up.

I remember just two weeks ago in Singapore. While waiting for mom in the alteration shop, you went with Yongfeng to buy fruits. Halfway eating your pineapple you just dropped the whole thing in the floor. What a sight!. I think I laughed the loudest. Hard to believe that that was only two weeks ago.

I remember all the times I would go to Venetian to shop and I would see you standing there at the West Gate, looking at your “empire”. Chatting with your subordinates. How I look up to you. I can still imagine you standing out there in the cold, trying to help people out with their jobs. The outpour of emotions yesterday was amazing at the same time touching. People that has worked with you before or had crossed paths with you had nothing but praises. All were in shock that this can happen to a man so loved in such a short time. It just goes to show what a great man you were and how you had touched many people’s lives in many ways.

There are many treasured memories of us and these are all I have of you now.  I was glad I had that ROM last year. I was glad that you had the chance to give me away, although you say you can never “give” me away so to speak. I was glad I chose the song My Girl for our march in as I feel it really relates to our relationship as father and daughter. You have worked hard all your life to give us 3 girls the luxury that you can afford the best you can. I know you are tired. Daddy’s little girl has grown up. Let me take over your responsibilities of taking care of mom and Mady. In a way I think you had brought me up to take this responsibility. You have always been harder on me than Mady, I am not angry with that. I appreciate it. Daddy, it’s ok to take a rest. Let me handle the rest.

I love you, Daddy. forever and always 🙂


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